• who we are

    Intras LLC, headquartered in Dallas, TX, is a technology company that builds IT solutions made up of products and services from the most prolific OEMs and Service Providers in the industry. Our IT professionals strive to enable your business’ success through a granular situational evaluation. After our thorough analysis the Intras team recommends IT solutions that demonstrate thought leadership. We talk the talk and we walk the walk.

  • what we do

    Intras is a global integrator of technology solutions comprised of technology hardware and applications developed by leading OEMs. We provide IT products, IT Services, IT Consulting, & IT Managed services, leveraging years of experience in the IT industry. Our core focus is aligning these solutions with the organizational objectives of our customers - we call this BLISS. It’s where your organization’s goals and your IT solutions are in harmony. In order to achieve optimal results, we believe "What we do" should closely align with "What you do." Through methodical alignment of IT services with business goals we help you and your business achieve your unique definition of BLISS.

  • our values

    Imaginative. Innovative. Action-Oriented. Intras is committed to being an “extraordinary” technology VAR, integrator, reseller – one that is focused on solving practical business problems for our customers using market-leading technologies. IT solutions are getting smarter and businesses are getting more dynamic, why shouldn’t your VAR? We’re committed to building an IT organization that attracts people who love technology, their customers and their communities. IT consultants who are committed to aligning business goals and IT solutions for shared success. Join us as a customer, partner, or IT consulting team-member and become apart of achieving this vision. Intras makes this all possible. So why settle? Isn’t it time you aspired for more?

  • our culture

    We value hard work and life balance.
    Imagine small teams with clearly defined objectives and the ownership to achieve them. That's our structure - where team members love their work, and their families love their ability to balance.

    We love the color green.
    Our corporate color is green, symbolizing success for our customers, our team and our community. Devotion to a greater good is more than just checking the box for us. We believe we're successful when all those around us are as well.

    We talk about our successes.
    It's not that we're bragging, we just think it's great to share positive stories of customer success or community improvement. If we keep talking, we hope we'll influence others to make the same investments.

  • community

    We achieve our company objectives by helping others achieve theirs. We operate our business with the following principals.

    Our reputation is our biggest asset.
    We understand customers shape our reputation, and we perform accordingly.

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